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« on: September 06, 2012, 05:45:09 »
To the commander of the Kuentai Squadron:-
for the past few weeks we have had  two of your officers taking part in our internal campaign,
Jiji and Yasu
id like to say  thank you to them, and to you for allowing them to take part,
they have been exemplary  in their behaviour and manner
they have proven to be extremely good ambassadors of your squadron ,
so this message is just to say , thank you  verry much for their participation and i hope it can continue and indeed if any more of your pilots would like to take part  you are all more than welcome to participate with us and i hope this collaboration can continue  as long as  you  wish
thankyou , and i hope to see jiji and yasu again  in the coming weekends,
the campaing is on going, we are currently fighting in the solomon islands
once this campaign is over we will be going on to the Darwin  campaign


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Re: =JFC=
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2012, 18:21:30 »
Salute Commander Shloss, thanks for polite greeting and helpful information.
I feel a regret  that we were not helpful for your mission, because of time difference and our unskillfulness.
We have to be keen, and repeat practice and practice, as we can do better.
I am  sorry that I think it is difficult we increase the pilot participate your campaign, because we get rarer contact our mates.
Anyway we are looking forward to new campaign Darwin.

Best wishes,

The following is for our mates

JFC のコマンダーShloss氏からJFCのキャンペーンへの参加への感謝と引き続きの参加のお願いのあいさつを投稿していただきました。
その他、要導入なMODやミッション内のルールなど、Friendly Squadrons' Roomのスレッド
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Re: =JFC=
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2012, 18:54:05 »
hehe your skills are fine
i also miss a lot lol
the important thing is we  are, even when missing still causing some damage
this week you may wish  to use the b5n torpedo planes on our carriers at aw33
i found  flying at 30 meters i was able to get there undetected and sink a ship last week
use the type 95 topredo , do not use thelate one as  the late one you must get closer
1 type 95 on the nose of the destroyers will sink them
release the torpedo at 30 meters and at 240 kph, i experimented last week and found this to be highly successfull
i wasnt killed on any of my torpedo runs, i damaged a cruiser and a carrier using this technique,
but this week we will ignore the big ships and put all efforts on sinking the smaller ships that are protecting the big ships
as for time difference that is ok
even if you only manage to do one sortie per week , it is still of great help to our axis forces
see you soon


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