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Topic for new BombersCalc 新バージョンのBombersCalcのバグ、不具合報告はこちらに宜しくお願いいたします

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This topic is for bug and defect report of new BombersCalc.

gentlmen for those who may have difficulty in bombing
here is a video  we use for training
the system the video uses for his bomb sight
works also for the H8K and for the ki21 and the g4m

unfortunately it is in english but maybe one of you can watch it first and then voiceove rin japanese for your own use
we found this video to be of great help to us in trainnig our own bombers

i hope it is usefull to you
here is the link to the video

Salute Shloss, thanks for nice advising.
I will try to translate that film for our mates, when I find a time.

Best wishes,






i hope  the translation works :)

hope to see you  again soon  in the JFC pacific theatre


Salute Commander Shloss, for a long time no see.
We rarely fly virtual planes in game recently, I feel sadness Il-2 1946 lost number of pilots cause of newer game.
I tried to register new JFC's forum a few number of times, but I failed, because may be my wrong way.
Is it OK new forum was ""?
I do not know Churchill's hobby, Was that painting or piling bricks? (Anti-Spam question asked me that.)
Can I have else way to register?
I am sorry I have not contacted you for a long time, even though you do not forget us.
I also hope to enjoy virtual flight with your team again.

Best wishes,

I found our forum sometimes happens the database rewind, it brings on posted messages are deleted.
(My message posted yesterday was deleted today.)
I am a forum admin but not server administrator, so I can not do anything about it.
If you found your posted messages are deleted, please post again, I am sorry.


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